Optimise your life with our upgraded lens portfolio

We take pride in producing state of the art HD digital lenses, technologies and coatings for our customers.

Our 2.0 generation of lenses give a sharper, clearer and more comfortable visual experience. Working with your perscription and the visual requirement of your lifestyle choices, our lenses are available in a variety of designs and personalised to suit your lifestyle needs.

Enhance your world today!


Some Popular Choices


Arc Steady

Arc Steady 2.0 is our most advanced lens and has been engineered in 21st, for the 21st century. Arc steady 2.0 is the top lens on the market suitable for a hectic, intense lifestyle. The optics and aesthetics of ARC Steady lenses are impossible to beat.

blue filter lifestyle

Driving Lens

HDSV Drive 2.0 lenses allow for a comfortable and safe drive. This lens includes a night vision zone that compensates for the difference in refractive error that occurs between day and night. Translating, all this into an impeccable visual acuity and less eyestrain.


Office Lens

With an increase in remote/hybrid working, a new way of working requires a new way of seeing. Office 2.0 has been engineered for these kinds of wearers as it adjusts to wearers' needs, turning the current way of working into a wonderful experience.